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Four years in the making, Beeple never thought he’d finally release ‘Manifest Destiny.’ Now you can watch it and download all the scene files he made for free.

四年来,Beeple从未想过他最终会发行“ Manifest Destiny”。现在,您可以观看它并免费下载他制作的所有场景文件。文章源自狐狸影视城-


Mike Winkelmann, a.k.a. Beeple, wrote the treatment for his latest film, Manifest Destiny, a little over four years ago, never dreaming that it would actually take so long to get the film finished.文章源自狐狸影视城-

迈克·温克尔曼(Mike Winkelmann),又名比普(Beeple),为他的最新电影《清单命运》(Manifest Destiny)编写了治疗方法,距今已有4年多了,从来没有梦想着完成这部电影实际上要花这么长时间。文章源自狐狸影视城-

Derailed by procrastination, he finally got back on track after making a deal with an artist he met at SIGGRAPH, him agreeing that he would finish his film in 100 days, and she would create an Everyday for 100 days. “I don’t know why I agreed to that, but it forced me to f—ing do it,” he says, admitting that “I still didn’t do anything until the last two weeks, and I seriously finished it on the 100th day.”文章源自狐狸影视城-


Reached in Denver last week where he was one of the featured speakers on Maxon’s 26-city 3D Design + Motion Tour, Winkelmann talked with me about the making of Manifest Destiny, using Cinema 4D, Octane and Houdini; losing interest in making longer films; and how his Everydays have turned darker and more political in the last year, but he remains optimistic about the future.文章源自狐狸影视城-

上周在丹佛见到了他,他是Maxon在26个城市进行3D设计+运动巡回演出的演讲嘉宾之一,温克尔曼与我谈了如何使用Octane Cinema 4D制作Manifest Destiny。和胡迪尼;对制作更长的电影失去兴趣;以及过去一年里他的日常生活如何变得更加黑暗和更加政治化,但他仍然对未来持乐观态度。文章源自狐狸影视城-


Meleah Maynard: Your other films, Transparent Machines and Zero Day, were social commentaries too, but Manifest Destiny feels stronger and more pointed. Would you agree?文章源自狐狸影视城-

梅丽亚·梅纳德(Meleah Maynard):您的其他电影《透明机器》和《零日》也是社会评论,但《天命》感觉更强壮,更尖锐。您同意吗?文章源自狐狸影视城-

Mike Winkelmann: Yeah, this one is not vague at all. The things I’m pointing out are literally happening now. But there is a bit of sensationalizing, like I did with the other films. There is so much inequality in the world, and it is improving in some areas, like statistics show that the number of people living in extreme poverty is slowly declining.文章源自狐狸影视城-



But things are getting worse in a lot of ways too. I tried to choose statistics that people may not have been aware of, like how Jeff Bezos made over $100 million dollars every single day in 2018, and the average Chinese worker assembling iPhones makes $1.85 per hour. I wanted to hit on a lot of different points about money.文章源自狐狸影视城-

但是情况正在恶化。在很多方面也是如此。我试图选择人们可能没有意识到的统计数据,例如杰夫·贝佐斯(Jeff Bezos)在2018年每天如何赚取超过1亿美元,而组装iPhone的中国工人的平均时薪为每小时1.85美元。我想谈谈关于金钱的许多不同观点。文章源自狐狸影视城-




MM: You’ve been saying this film would be done for a long time. What happened?文章源自狐狸影视城-


MW: I don’t know. I think, to be honest, I’m not actually that interested in making things that are this long anymore. I’m more interested in doing short 10- to 30-second videos. I think that you can be more experimental when you have less time, like, ‘I’ve got two days invested in this, who cares? I can do whatever.’ But when you spend four years, you’re like, ‘OMG, should I do this, or that, or this?’ It becomes paralyzing. I don’t even watch short films much anymore. If I do another video, I’m giving myself a deadline, like a month or something.文章源自狐狸影视城-


MM: Were you redoing it over and over? What was left to finish?文章源自狐狸影视城-


MW: No, the only thing left to do was edit it to the Run the Jewels track. I had everything done and rendered. But then I just didn’t touch it for a year and, honestly, it wasn’t even bugging me that I wasn’t getting it done. I was always planning on using that Run the Jewels song, “Legend Has It.” I liked the overall vibe of the song, but I hadn’t talked to them about it yet. And then one of the guys got in touch with me to say they’d seen some of my Everydays and wanted to talk about making a video. So it all worked out.文章源自狐狸影视城-

MW:不,剩下要做的就是将其编辑为“运行珠宝”轨道。我完成并渲染了所有内容。但是后来我只是一年没碰它,说实话,我什至没有在意我没有完成它。我一直在计划使用Run the Jewels歌曲“ Legend Has It”。我喜欢这首歌的整体氛围,但尚未与他们谈论。然后其中一个人与我联系,说他们看过我的《 Everydays》,想谈谈制作视频。嗯,一切都解决了。文章源自狐狸影视城-




MM: Talk a little bit about your process for making this.文章源自狐狸影视城-


MW: The workflow was pretty simple, really. I mainly used Cinema 4D and Octane. Octane gave it a great look that really felt super realistic. I could just set up a couple of lights and throw some volumetrics on it to get a lot of depth and atmosphere.文章源自狐狸影视城-

MW:工作流程非常简单。我主要使用Cinema 4D和Octane。辛烷给了它一个非常真实的感觉。我可以设置几盏灯,并在上面放一些体积,以获得大量的深度和气氛。文章源自狐狸影视城-

The buildings were modeled in C4D, and all of the fire and destructions was simulated in Turbulence FD and rendered in Octane. There was no compositing: I just went straight out of C4D and Octane and did one color correction and that was it.文章源自狐狸影视城-

这些建筑物是用C4D建模的,所有火灾和破坏都是在Turbulence FD和在辛烷中渲染。没有任何合成:我只是直接退出C4D和Octane并进行了一种颜色校正,就是这样。文章源自狐狸影视城-

MM: What about the fat gold characters, and how they sort of melted together?文章源自狐狸影视城-


MW: Oh, yeah, I used Houdini for the melting gold people. I have no idea how I did that. When I started this four years ago, it was the first time I’d ever done characters. I used Mixamo for the big gold character, and Houdini for the melting effect. It’s a good thing I saved that as an Alembic file, or I would have had to start over since I don’t remember how I did that.文章源自狐狸影视城-





All of the fighting was done with Mixamo models that we already in poses, like they were hitting, ducking or punching. I just had to choreograph the characters, so it looked like they were fighting. I’m happy with how it turned out. The melting thing was kind of symbolism for this weird orgy of people at the top, like our politicians and upper-class elite, all bumping heads and wrestling around in a big pile. They’re not really doing anything meaningful, just shifting their weight around while very little changes for the rest of us.文章源自狐狸影视城-


MM: Why did you go with text and music rather than narration this time?文章源自狐狸影视城-


MW: I was going to do a voiceover with music, like I usually do, and I had like 140 people submit auditions, but none of them were right. So I decided, pretty much at the last second, to put use text, even though it would be covering up all that sh-t I worked on for so long. That was probably a better choice anyway because a lot of people watch videos on mute, so they wouldn’t have heard the narration. I wanted to get a lot of stuff across, like how much debt we’re in, how rich Americans are, and how so many people are insanely poor and a few are insanely rich.文章源自狐狸影视城-





MM: Do you worry, or think about, the state of the world a lot these days?文章源自狐狸影视城-


MW: No, I wouldn’t say that. But I do work a lot more with two TVs on, one turned to FOX News and the other to CNN. I mute the sound, but it’s very interesting to see how differently they cover things. FOX is just all of this propaganda and, pretty much the opposite of what CNN says. You can see why the country is so divided.文章源自狐狸影视城-

MW:不,我不会这么说。但是我在打开两台电视时确实做得更多,其中一台转向FOX新闻,另一台转向CNN。我使声音静音,但是看到它们覆盖事物的不同之处非常有趣。 FOX只是所有这些宣传,几乎与CNN所说的相反。您可以看到为什么这个国家如此分裂。文章源自狐狸影视城-

I’m definitely interested in politics, and I do think we are headed for a time when we’re all going to have to make some changes and adjust to a new reality, including changing our levels of spending. But there are things we can do, like give money. Most of us can afford to give money, but we don’t. Or we don’t give enough. Honestly, as I’ve made more money, I’ve given less money. This film is kind of a wake-up call, for everybody, me included.文章源自狐狸影视城-




MM: It seems like you’re trying to say more with your Everydays now, too.文章源自狐狸影视城-


MW: I’d say it was about July when I started doing things that are overtly political. I like taking a political- or commerce-related scenario and abstracting it out to a ridiculous degree, like the pro-choice one where robot Trump is being forced to have a baby in the future, or where Mark Zuckerberg has no nipples because women can’t show nipples on Facebook.文章源自狐狸影视城-

MW:我想说大约是7月,那时我开始做一些公开的政治活动。我喜欢采取与政治或商业相关的场景,并将其抽象到一个荒谬的程度,例如一种选择,即特朗普机器人将来被迫生下婴儿,或者马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)没有乳头,因为女性可以不要在Facebook上显示乳头。文章源自狐狸影视城-



The response has been super, much bigger than anything else I’ve done. It really just felt like a natural progression from the storytelling I’ve been doing.文章源自狐狸影视城-


MM: What else are you doing these days?文章源自狐狸影视城-


MW: I’m working on a couple of things I can’t talk about yet. I just did some concert visuals for Zedd, and I’m doing a video sculpture for a festival that Amazon’s doing in December. I’m traveling a lot more. A month ago, I was in Brazil with my wife and the kids. And my wife and I are going to Russia soon for a conference I’m doing with Maxon. There’s a lot going on.文章源自狐狸影视城-


Credits and Free Downloads:

Directed by: BEEPLE文章源自狐狸影视城-

Music: RUN THE JEWELS文章源自狐狸影视城-

音乐:RUN JEWELS文章源自狐狸影视城-


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不需要Cinema 4D。文章源自狐狸影视城-

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