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【优秀短片】THE PIONEER | 先锋文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

In February 2022, Clinton Jones challenged 3D Community to design art around the theme "INFINITE JOURNEYS"文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

2022年2月,克林顿·琼斯 (Clinton Jones) 挑战3D社区,围绕 “无限旅程” 主题设计艺术文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

More than 2000 artists submitted, all talented and full of inspiration. Glad that I could make it to the Top 100 Renders and bring the image of my hometown - SaiGon to worldwide CG community文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html


Through this challenge, I learn and grow a lot, also unlocked new skill: Character Animation. Such a great experience.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

通过这次挑战,我学习和成长了很多,也解锁了新技能: 角色动画。如此伟大的经历。文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

Hopefully in the near future, I could manage my time & healthy enough to take on another challenge like this文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html


Below is my breakdown process and the story behind it.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html


Hope you guys like it.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html


Enjoy the journeys!文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html



THE PIONEER文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

Infinite Journey Challenge文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html




【优秀短片】THE PIONEER | 先锋文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

【优秀短片】THE PIONEER | 先锋文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

Main inspiration for me are Somei Sun 's works. His level of details bring alot of story behind each frame. I want to recreate those experiences when people look at my submission: what is her transportation, what is her job, where is she from, the feeling she has... Once answered those question, I begin to lay them into specific item in the layout sketch.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

我的主要灵感来自Somei Sun的作品。他的细节水平在每一帧背后都带来了很多故事。当人们看到我的投稿时,我想重现这些经历: 她的交通工具是什么,她的工作是什么,她来自哪里,她的感觉...一旦回答了这些问题,我就开始将它们放在布局草图中的特定项目中。文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

Next, the character concept.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html


Lots of anime / mecha / cyberpunk theme video games inspired me, one of it stand out when I went into this challenge was Honkai Impact 3rd.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

很多动漫/机甲/赛博朋克主题电子游戏启发了我,当我参加这个挑战时,其中一个很突出的是Honkai Impact 3rd。
Then I found an Artwork call "Space Coffee" from artist Jing Zhang, which show her charisma and characteristic: Agile, independent, smart with hidden backstory, all fit well with the idea world I have in mind. Therefore, the character is good to go.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

然后我发现了一个名为 “太空咖啡” 的艺术品来自艺术家Jing Zhang,展现了她的魅力和特色: 敏捷,独立,聪明,隐藏的背景故事,都与我心目中的创意世界非常吻合。因此,性格好去。文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

Last thing, the outside environment.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

In previous works, I didn't have a chance to bring any of my signature images into it, so I thought maybe this time I could do a little bit extraordinary. By using the image of Ho Chi Minh City, I have to be careful not to destroy any symbolic building to avoid polictic criticalism, but still give a little touch to it to make the city more technology advance. So came the idea of a mirror up-side-down city, which connected by high-tech device.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html


Once the concept is done, the journey start here.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html


【优秀短片】THE PIONEER | 先锋文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

To begin with, the render must be seperate into 2 pieces: Foreground & Background for resources management. With those seperated section, we can add more objects & high resolution textures to each section.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

首先,渲染必须分为两部分: 资源管理的前景和背景。有了这些单独的部分,我们可以为每个部分添加更多的对象和高分辨率纹理。文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

First step is modeling. Wall, windows, props and chair are modeled in low LOD (level of details) first to blocking specific area.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

第一步是建模。墙壁,窗户,道具和椅子首先以低LOD (细节级别) 建模,以阻止特定区域。
After blocking stage, they will be polish and refine to have nice LOD, imperfection & texture文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html


【优秀短片】THE PIONEER | 先锋文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

Main Character is created with pre-made asset for Base mesh / Hair & Rig. I'm using DAZ Studio for testing several expression, poses & texture, it's good for concept exploration before going to animate文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

主要角色是使用基础网格/头发和钻机的预制资产创建的。我正在使用DAZ Studio测试几种表情,姿势和纹理,这对于进行动画处理之前的概念探索非常有好处文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

【优秀短片】THE PIONEER | 先锋文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

Texture is my favorite part of this project. I can add a Vietnamese Flag to represent my country to international community, you can see a 0011 Logo from my recent project: INTERLINKED / NO DISTANCE. With these images, we could tell more about our character, where's she from, who's she working for to give her more indepht background story.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

纹理是这个项目中我最喜欢的部分。我可以在国际社会中添加一个越南国旗来代表我的国家,您可以从我最近的项目中看到一个0011的徽标: 互连/无距离。有了这些图片,我们可以告诉我们更多关于我们的角色,她来自哪里,她为谁工作,给她更多的独立背景故事。文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

【优秀短片】THE PIONEER | 先锋文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

For the animation, character model is exported from DAZ Studio to Cinema 4D for lookdev & lighting. Therefore animation must be done in Cinema 4D to make it more convenient in next few steps. All expressions & animations are manually keyframe.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

对于动画,角色模型从DAZ工作室导出到Cinema 4D,用于lookdev & lighting。因此,必须在Cinema 4D中进行动画制作,以使其在接下来的几个步骤中更加方便。所有表达式和动画都是手动关键帧。文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

After animation is done, I render several versions to compare & developing final look, find out anything that out of places and refine it before coming to the background.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html


【优秀短片】THE PIONEER | 先锋文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

Background Building are duplicate using Octane Scatter, which produce clone objects without using any CPU processor. With Octane Scatter, huge amount of objects with high polycount & detail textures can be scattered around the surface but still perform well.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

使用OC散射 (Octane Scatter) 的背景构建是重复的,它在不使用任何CPU处理器的情况下产生克隆对象。有了OC散射,大量的具有高polycount和细节纹理的对象可以分散在表面,但仍然表现良好。文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

【优秀短片】THE PIONEER | 先锋 【优秀短片】THE PIONEER | 先锋文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

I also add 2 photoscan building of Ho Chi Minh City: Bitexco Finance Tower & Landmark 81文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

我还添加了2个胡志明市的photoscan建筑: Bitexco金融塔和地标81
If you look closely at the electric board above, you can find real life coordinate of these two tower on the map.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

【优秀短片】THE PIONEER | 先锋文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

【优秀短片】THE PIONEER | 先锋文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

The cloud-blasting VFX are made with Fractal Noise, CC Glass & Displacement Effects in Adobe After Effects, then use as HDRI Sky Environment in Octane Render to match the timing with character animation文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

喷云VFX是用分形噪声、CC玻璃和Adobe After Effects中的位移效果制作的,然后在辛烷渲染中用作HDRI天空环境,以匹配与角色动画的时间文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

【优秀短片】THE PIONEER | 先锋文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

When everything is done, I combine Background render with the Foreground for final step: Compositing文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

完成所有操作后,我将背景渲染与前景结合起来进行最后一步: 在此阶段合成
At this stage, Ray Light / Flare / Dust / Grunge / Focal Depth / Color Grade / Chromatic Aberration are added to fill in the atmosphere.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

You can watch the breakdown video below to fully understand how compositing affect final images文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html


This is one of my ambitous project that I ever made. Whole procress took around 120 hours: 10 days, 12 hours each.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

这是我曾经做过的一个项目。整个过程大约花费了120小时: 10天,每个12小时。
Rendered on 2x RTX 3090. Lots of technical issue and stuffs was made possible by hardware upgrade, which took me 2 years of work to save enough money to afford it. In the end, hardwork payoff.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

在2x RTX 3090上呈现。硬件升级使许多技术问题和东西成为可能,这花了我2年的时间才能节省足够的钱来负担。最后,努力的回报。文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

I want to thanks those who always support and motivate me with their wonderful words. Being appreciate by lots of people make me feel proud about things that I'm doing recently really payoff. I'm still learning everyday, exploring and developing new skill to improve my artwork. Hope my art can inspire someone and help them grow like I did.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html


Once again, thank you all for your appreciation!文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html


Keep learning & growing together文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html



THE PIONEER文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html


Infinite Journey Challenge​​​​​​​文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html


Software: DAZ 3D, Cinema 4D, Octane Render, After Effects, Photoshop文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

软件: DAZ 3D, Cinema 4D, Octane Render, After Effects, Photoshop文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html


Kaisou D @2022文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/37482.html

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