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QueueMaster is a render automation script designed to significantly reduce the time needed for setting up renders. It achieves this by associating comp label colors with any output settings you’ve defined. You can define render templates, file paths, versioning, and more! It’s particularly handy for teams of After Effects users who want to ensure everyone is producing renders the same way. Relative file paths allow you to move between projects without the need to define the output directory each time you render. QueueMaster looks where your After Effects project is saved and bases all output directories from that location.

QueueMaster can automate the following things:文章源自狐狸影视城-

  • Render Settings Templates
  • Assign up to three Output Module Templates per render queue item
  • File paths
    • Absolute file paths
    • Relative file paths based on the location of the AEP file
    • Creation of image sequence folders
    • Subfolders can be generated based on your bin folder hierarchy
    • Any specified file paths that do not exist will be created
  • File names
    • File names are based on comp names
    • Prefixes
    • Suffixes
    • For image sequences, you can define what character is used to separate the frame number as opposed to the default underscore.
  • Versioning
    • When enabled, QueueMaster detects if existing versions of your render exist and sets the appropriate version number
    • Versioning can be used for both self-contained formats like Quicktime as well as image sequences.
    • Specify how many digits are in the version number
  • Do Not Render
    • When this setting is applied, QueueMaster will un-queue any comps with the associated label color to prevent rendering.

Compatibility After Effects CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5文章源自狐狸影视城-

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