Udemy – C4D基础教程

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Udemy – C4D基础教程

Udemy – Cinema 4D – Learning Cinema 4D from Scratch

1280*720 | MP4 | 21节课程 | 2小时30分钟 | 英文无字幕 | 无工程 | 478MB


学习如何创建和动画使用CINEMA 4D的3D图形

这个培训是针对在Cinema 4D第一次用户或初学者。这门课程是为初学者设计的,需要的是用Cinema 4D或3D建模没有经验。你将在这门课程中学习什么。你将学习建模分nerbs随后纹理建模基础测绘。学习基础动画,3D文字效果,灯光,烟雾,在图像组成文字,动画镜头和如何使你的影片。你也会学习三维物体。学习如何创建三维物体。本视频教程将教你创建基本的3D组件使用CINEMA 4D的工具。您将学习如何建模对象和变形而与布尔对象,工作对象实例,与花键套。学习如何使用照明,添加纹理到您的模型,和动画和渲染它们。最后,您将了解如何使用Mograph克隆,motext,和随机效应。通过这个视频完成的培训课程,你将创建你自己的3D模型得到充分的知识,以及他们使用CINEMA 4D动画和渲染。




Learn how to create and animate 3D Graphics using Cinema 4D

This training is geared for first time users or beginners in Cinema 4D. This course is designed for beginners, no experience with Cinema 4D or 3D modeling is required. What you will be learning in this course. You will be learning Modeling Points and Modeling Nerbs followed by Texturing Basics and Mapping. Learn Animation Basics, 3D Text Effect, Lighting, Smoke, Composition Text in Images, Animating the Camera and How to Render Your Movie. You will also learn 3D objects. Learn how to create 3D objects. This video tutorial will teach you to create basic 3D components using Cinema 4D tools. You will learn about modeling objects and deformers while working with the Boole object, Instance objects, and the Spline wrap. Learn how to utilize lighting, add textures to your models, and animate and render them. Lastly, you will learn about MoGraph and how use the Cloner, MoText, and Random Effector. By the completion of this video based training course, you will be fully knowledgeable in creating your own 3D models, as well as animating and rendering them using Cinema 4D.





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