Videocopilot–Element 3d v1.6.2完美破解版

Videocopilot–Element 3d v1.6.2完美破解版文章源自狐狸影视城-

本合辑是由Video Copilot机构出品的VC商业军用战斗机高精度3D模型贴图与音效视频素材合辑,当然配合VC(AK大神)机构最新出品的超强AE插件 “ELEMENT 3D”使用效果最佳,大小:10.2 GB,格式:ELEMENT 3D, 3D MAX, C4D, MAYA,提供了高精模型、视频素材、音效素材供您调用。C4DSKY.COM整理发布


AK在这个教程里介绍了video copilot的最新的一个热浪变形插件Heat Distortion。文章源自狐狸影视城-

该插件类似AE自带插件turbulent displace。但比这个插件简单好用,效果也更出色,增加了模糊,扭曲混乱的效果也更多细节。文章源自狐狸影视城-



Video Copilot JetStrike & Flight Kit
Video Copilot JetStrike is the newest 3D model pack from Video Copilot! JetStrike includes highly detailed models of Military & Commercial Jets. Numerous detailed texture skins as well as Dual 4K Textures. Fully rigged in Element 3D.
Video Copilot Flight Kit is an additional pack with sound effects, a heat distortion plug-in, and sky maps which complement the JetStrike Pack. Over 200 Aircraft Sound FX, 25 HDR Sky Maps. Full 360° maps at 4K Resolution with various cloud types and sunsets, High Definition Aerial Explosions Stock Footage, Plus an advanced Heat Distortion Plug-in.文章源自狐狸影视城-





Element 3D 1.6.2 with 9 Packs Crack By Spider文章源自狐狸影视城-

How to Install:
1. Install Element 3D 1.6.2 (As Administrator)文章源自狐狸影视城-

2. Copy .aex files to your AEF/Support Files/Plug-in/… and REPLACE the EXISTING files
(x32 for CS4, x64 for CS5/CS6)文章源自狐狸影视城-

3. Run AEF (As Administrator)文章源自狐狸影视城-

4. Add Element 3D Effect and generate a request when asked. (Doesn’t matter where you save it)文章源自狐狸影视城-

5. Run LicGen (As Administrator!) and generate a license file.
(License will be generated in the same folder as LicGen)文章源自狐狸影视城-

6. Install license (from Element 3D auth form)文章源自狐狸影视城-

7. Install packs文章源自狐狸影视城-

8. Enjoy文章源自狐狸影视城-

Install notes from others that may help in the case of an issue:文章源自狐狸影视城-

For those who have problems with the installation ( error code 34 54 64 etc.) :文章源自狐狸影视城-

1- Save (backup) your old installation in the folder C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC\Support Files\Plug-ins\VideoCopilot.文章源自狐狸影视城-

2-Then delete this folder.文章源自狐狸影视城-

3-Install ElementInstaller.1.6.1.exe (Now the installation is done correctly without error code)
Then copy the crack “Element.aex” in the newly created folder always C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC\Support Files\Plug-ins\VideoCopilot
Put in this folder the two files previously saved [in the first step (1-)]:

PS : No need to regenerate the license!文章源自狐狸影视城-

Again the #1 problem is video card brand and or drivers. Nvidia is the best and works on almost every install.文章源自狐狸影视城-


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