Element 3D 1.6.2 Updated for AE CC 2014

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Element 3D 1.6.2 Updated for AE CC 2014

来源:videocopilot      作者:Andrew Kramer     翻译:千年骚狐       友情提示:译文仅供参考

Just a quick heads up! Our Element 3D plug-in has been updated for AE CC 2014!

There are a couple of important bug fixes and we recommend this update for everyone, even if you are not running CC 2014.

Download E3D 1.6.2 (490)!

NOTE: Typically Video Copilot plug-ins can be copied from one plug-in folder to another.

But we did find a bug that required us to update the plug-in this time. For other plug-ins like Heat Distortion and Optical Flares, you can still just copy them to the CC 2014 Plug-in folder and we’ll get the installers updated this week.

  • Updated Installer for CC 2014
  • Fixed bug that was causing some startup crashes
  • Other Various Bug Fixes


PC - Element 1.6.2 (490) Patch PC Installer

Mac - Element 1.6.2 (490) Patch Mac Installer

Element 3D 1.6.2 Updated for AE CC 2014



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    • avatar LJ_月儿牙 9


      • avatar 李权洲 9

        mac 10.9 .1 ae cc2014 破解后生成许可文件 ,在安装许可文件的时候提示许可出错。注册机根本用不了

        • avatar 急等回复 1


            • avatar 千年骚狐 Admin

              @急等回复 没有实质内容更新。不建议升级。我不会破解

                • avatar 急等回复 1

                  @千年骚狐 可是旧版的element在AE2014CC里不能用啊,一点elementAE会就崩溃,急疯了 评论” alt=”[泪]” title=”[泪]” class=”ds-smiley” />

                    • avatar 千年骚狐 Admin

                      @急等回复 没安装正确,我用的就是上个版本

                        • avatar 急等回复 1

                          @千年骚狐 好吧。。可是之前都能用的,这个要怎么卸载啊,在控制面板找不到,不知道怎么重装呢