FXPHD C4D212 视觉特效教程合集 FXPHD C4D212 One Man Band VFX in Cinema 4D

2013年4月26日C4D 英文教程87,539

FXPHD C4D212 视觉特效教程合集  FXPHD C4D212 One Man Band VFX in Cinema 4D文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

FXPHD C4D212 视觉特效教程合集  FXPHD C4D212 One Man Band VFX in Cinema 4D文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

FXPHD C4D212 视觉特效教程合集  FXPHD C4D212 One Man Band VFX in Cinema 4D文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

FXPHD C4D212 视觉特效教程合集  FXPHD C4D212 One Man Band VFX in Cinema 4D文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html


This is the c4d 212 class from the January 2012 term, project files included.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

The course is 2 big projects that include everything VFX related ( modeling tracking compositing etc ) plus a nice projection man tutorial. Check the class details below.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Level : intermediate文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Softs used : Cinema 4d R13, Photoshop, After Effects, Nuke ( only 2 classes ), Syntheyes.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Class 1: Intro to文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Projection Man. We're going to dive into the Projection Man interface文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

and create a work-layout for us. Based on an image we're going to create文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

our first projections and create an establishing shot with moving文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html


Class 2: Projection Man文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Part II - Landscape on the cheap. In this class we're going to create a文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

wide area establishing shot with moving camera. We learn how to use文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Projection Man's capabilities to fix texture/projection issues and文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

enhance our rendering with some tricks in AferEffects.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Class 3: VFX - The文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Frame. We´re going to track a handheld shot with Syntheyes and add some文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

CG elements elements to the shot, dealing with tracking, lens文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

distortion, export to Cinema4D. We learn how to animate objects with文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

projected materials and baking textures to fix textures to moving文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

objects. Later on we compose the shot in AfterEffects. We will learn how文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

to create interaction between AE and C4D for a whole VFX shot.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Class 4: VFX - HoloDesk文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Part I文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Part I will be about the tracking of the shot and creating a proper文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

clean plate for later use in 3D and compositing. We use a full manual文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

tracking approach this time to get the shot solved.Than we´ll export the文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

track for creating our clean plate in AfterEffects.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

The second part of the class deals with the clean plate creation. We´re文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

going to use a camera projection method to clean up our markers, instead文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

painting every frame to save a lot of time in the cleanup process.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Class 5: VFX - HoloDesk文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Part II文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Part II is all about the 3D and Cinema4D aspects of the HoloDesk shot.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

We´ll start off with importing our tracking data. After that we´ll start文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

out with modeling our assets for the shot including our desk, some文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

mograph elements etc. After modeling we start out with the materials and文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

lighing and apply some shading to the scene. Beside our DeskLights,文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

we´ll use an on-set HDRI for integration of the Desk into the scene.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Once we got all our assets put together, we´ll than move on to create文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

some nice animations to get the shot ready to render, to use our output文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

later in partIII in compositing文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Class 6: VFX - HoloDesk文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Part III文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Final Part of the Holodesk shot. We¬¥ll go through compositing with the文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

shot to fix up last issues and get a look applied to the shot. We cover文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

technical issues to be fixed as well as some artistically effects to文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

enhace the shot in compositing without the need of re-rendering our 3d文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html


Class 7: VFX - BAZOOKA文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Part I文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

We start off with a new shot, where we're going to replace an actors arm文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

with a full cg bazooka. This class is all about getting the shot文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

prepared and tracked properly. This includes some information about文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

shooting for the effect as well as camera- and object tracking. We'll文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

learn a new way to get the lens distortion calculated for us.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Class 8: VFX - BAZOOKA文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Part II文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Modelling the Bazooka. We're going to start the class with some box文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

modeling to get the rough shape of our bazooka, and after that we'll文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

refine that model and more details with the help of the mograph cloner.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

After finishing the modeling, we'll head into the material creation.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Class 9: VFX - BAZOOKA文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Part III - Finish the shot in Comp. In class09 it's all about putting文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

the final shot of the bazooka arm together to a final result. We're文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

covering cleanup of the trackers as well as cleaning up the arm rig, as文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

well as putting this shot together right within nuke to get the multi文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

pass images stitched to the final result.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

Class 10: This class is文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

all about AE Cameratracker. We're going to work on a demoshot to explore文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html

the general approach of solving shots with that plugin.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/8175.html



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