FCPX/AE/PR 红巨人抠像套装插件 Red Giant Keying Suite 11.1.2 (Win/Mac)

FCPX/AE/PR 红巨人抠像套装插件 Red Giant Keying Suite 11.1.2 (Win/Mac)文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/17009.html




Red Giant 公司最新出品的一套抠像插件 Keying Suite 11.1.0,文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/17009.html




Red Giant Keying Suite 抠像操作很强大,操作也不是很繁琐。文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/17009.html

插件有 Mac 和 Win 两个平台的版本。文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/17009.html


值得高兴的是Primatte Keyer 5.1 抠像插件正式支持MAC平台下的 Final Cut Pro X 和 Motion5,这又给FCPX软件增添了不少的方便。文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/17009.html


Red Giant Keying Suite 11.1.0 (Win/Mac)文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/17009.html



•Primatte Keyer 5.1 超级抠像插件文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/17009.html

•Key Correct 1.3  抠像修正插件(更新)文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/17009.html

•Red Giant Warp 1.1.1  扭曲变形插件文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/17009.html



适用 Win 和 Mac 平台下:文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/17009.html

Adobe After Effects CS5-CC2014.1文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/17009.html

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5-CC2014.1文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/17009.html

Final Cut Pro X文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/17009.html

Motion 5文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/17009.html




Keying Suite is acomplete set of professional tools that make your keying look seamless and sells the realism of your composite. Get great results for basic keying situations as well as multi-step composites and difficult shots like low light or choppy footage. The three plug-ins work fluidly between After Effects and Final Cut Pro, and save you time with a wide range of powerful features like spill removal, edge detail and wire rigging. From frizzy hair to transparent glass, Keying Suite takes you successfully from the initial matte to the final composite.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/17009.html


Key Correct 1.3(更新)
Key Correct is an integral part of keeping your composite look natural and realistic. This set of 15 plug-ins can be used to soften alpha channels, match foreground and background colors, fix outlines, and clean up noise. Key Correct is the secret ingrediant for top-quality results from popular keyers like Primatte Keyer (our favorite!), Keylight and Ultimatte.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/17009.html


Primatte Keyer 5.1
Quality, speed, control. That’s what you need from a professional chromakey tool and Primatte Keyer delivers. Version 5.0 gives new levels of automation and efficiency with a reorganized interface, default settings that give great results, and tools to quickly tweak your key. An improved Auto Compute and the new Adjust Light tool are the special sauce in Primatte 5.1, creating an accurate key in a few clicks. Use the new Hybrid Matte for unprecedented control in keeping matte edges clean and a new Smart Sample algorithm for smarter foreground selection. Whether you are creating a documentary film, an indie production, news station promo or music video, Primatte 5.0 is an industry-loved solution that unlocks the secret to an easy, automatic key.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/17009.html


Warp 1.1
The six powerful plug-ins in Warp give you ultimate control over shadows, reflections, glows and corner point warps. The Shadow tool renders realistic shadows for text or subjects shot on greenscreen, while the Reflection tool creates perfect mirror-like reflections. Use Radium Glow, Glow Lite and Glow Edge to add sophisticated glows and glimmers to any project. The Corner Pin tool heightens realism in any scene with advanced features for working with warped images, importing tracking data from Mocha for After Effects, and adding secondary transforms and motion blur.文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/17009.html


What’s New
•Primatte Keyer now compatible with After Effects, Premiere Pro and FCPX!
•Updated Primatte Keyer 5 with a new streamlined interface and faster render speeds
•Now includes Red Giant Warp 1.1
•Keying Suite 11 includes Key Correct: The ultimate greenscreen companion
Suite include:
•Primatte Keyer 5.1
•Key Correct 1.3
•Red Giant Warp 1.1.1文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/17009.html

官网: http://www.redgiantsoftware.com/products/all/keying-suite/文章源自狐狸影视城-https://fox-studio.net/17009.html

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