Renderking – Vray Texture Pack v3.01 UPDATE

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Renderking – Vray Texture Pack v3.01 UPDATE

C4D Vray纹理材质包Renderking–Vray Texture Pack v3 for C4D 免费下载

2 k无缝纹理

我们的纹理都是2048×2048高模像素,给你一个高质量和高水平的细节,包括许多分层纹理:diffuse, specular, normal, bump, diplacement.。


Vray Texture Pack v3支持MAC和PC。你可以将它安装在Cinema 4d r13 – r17。Vray texture pack 3纹理包支持Vray 1.9 for c4d

Renderking Vrayforc4d new material pack (released 4/16). 150 materials total. Cinema4d and Vray only. Our texture are all 2048×2048 pixel seamless to give you a great quality and a high level details, they are made by many layers: diffuse, specular, normal, bump, diplacement.
Vray Texture Pack v3 is made for MAC and PC. You can install it on Cinema 4d r13 / r17.Vray texture pack 3 is developed with Vray 1.9 and it’s Distribuited rendering READY!


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