OPPO Reno | Somi sun

OPPO Reno | Somi sun
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Recently, OPPO released a new series called Reno, hoping to encourage everyone to make life more imaginative through creativity. So I hope to create a magical city, but the seemingly ordinary scene will be unexpectedly changed. I want to show the experience of creation, just like me: Sit at the desk, observe every detail of the phone, get inspiration from it, imagine constantly, and finally a new work is coming out. The main feature of this product is the 10X optical zoom. So I tried a lot of exaggerated lens movements, hoping to let the audience intuitively feel the "zoom" experience.

近日,OPPO发布了一个名为Reno的新系列,希望通过创意鼓励大家让生活更富有想象力。所以我希望创造一个神奇的城市,但看似普通的场景会出乎意料地改变。我想展示创作的经验,就像我一样: 坐在办公桌前,观察手机的每一个细节,从中获得灵感,不断想象,终于有新作品问世了。该产品的主要特点是 10 倍光学变焦。于是我尝试了很多夸张的镜头动作,希望能让观众直观感受 “变焦” 体验。



I want to bring back more Motion style in this project , and at the same time integrate into a more realistic environment, Motion + realistic, I think it's a very exciting experiment




Making of


OPPO Reno | Somi sun

OPPO Reno | Somi sun

OPPO Reno | Somi sun


OPPO Reno | Somi sun


I‘m trying to use geometric deformation in the city.


OPPO Reno | Somi sun OPPO Reno | Somi sun

Thanks to the optimization and denoising functions of octanev4, the rendering time is greatly shortened.

由于octane v4 的优化和去噪功能,大大缩短了渲染时间。

OPPO Reno | Somi sun

Some research of building and street



Animaitc & Final

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Cinema 4D ,Adobe CC,Octane render v4, KitBash3d

Client: OPPO
SoloProduction by SOMEI 孙世晟
Sound Design&music by : Zelig Sound

Produced by SOMEI DESIGN

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