Digital Tutors – NUKE火焰皮肤特效 Fiery Skin Effects in NUKEX

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Digital Tutors – NUKE火焰皮肤特效 Fiery Skin Effects in NUKEX文章源自狐狸影视城-

Digital Tutors – Fiery Skin Effects in NUKEX文章源自狐狸影视城-


在这一系列的课程中,我们将学习如何创建一个你在大屏幕上看到的火热的皮肤效果。我们将在核武器创造这个效果,一个基本的了解如何使用核武器的建议在沿着这样的课程。我们将开始画一个面具,最终将揭示影响我们,然后创建一个噪声模式,将给火有机的期待,我们需要使可信,当合并一个真实的人的画面。然后,我们学习如何添加不同层次的纹理,显示不同层次的皮肤。我们将用颜色来校正我们的效果,让它在与镜头合并时,看起来非常真实的火焰。我们在Nuke 9完美的匹配我们的效果,人物的动作也使用新的平面跟踪节点。除了主要的皮肤效果的创作,我们还将增加一些镜头的效果和一些整体的颜色校正,推到这一镜头从好到大。在课程结束的时候你会有一个了解如何使用任何外部插件核甚至3D效果创造这火热的皮肤效果。软件要求:9.0v5 NUKEX。文章源自狐狸影视城-




In this series of lessons, we will learn how to create a fiery skin effect you’ve probably seen on the big screen. We will be creating this effect in NUKE and a basic understanding of how to use NUKE is recommended before following along with this course. We will start by painting a mask that will eventually reveal our effect and then create a noise pattern that will give the fire the organic look we need to make it believable when merged with a real person in the footage. We then learn how to add veins with different levels of blur to show different layers of skin. We will be color correcting our effect to give it the orange look of fire that when merged with the footage looks very real. We also use the new Planar Tracker node in NUKE 9 which works perfectly to match our effect to the movement of the character. Aside from the main skin effect’s creation, we will also add a few lens effects and some overall color correction that pushes this shot from good to great. By the end of this course you’ll have an understanding of how to create this fiery skin effect in NUKE using no external plugins or even 3D effects. Software required: NUKEX 9.0v5.文章源自狐狸影视城-

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